function and style
Organic bags come from the minds 
of climbers and the hearts of 
artists. Functionality is paramount. 
We’ve taken standard templates 
and pared them down to include 
only the most commonly used 
features. The minimalist design 
allows our unique colors and 
patterns to pop giving you an one-
of-a-kind accessory and a new way 
to express yourself. 

Time tested and simple, this design is a 
secure warehouse for your chalk supply. 
Burly 1000d nylon fabric is stiff so the 
Lunch Bag Bucket stays open while you're 
bouldering. The bag seals with ¾” hook 
and loop then rolls down and clips like a 
boater's dry bag. Big outer pocket, two 
elastic brush-loops, and signature Organic 
colors round this stylish, user-friendly 
bouldering necessity.  
Originally conceived as a gift for a ceramicist to
carry tools to and from the pottery studio, the 
Artist's Tote stands out for its simplicity, style, 
and comfort. This bag has been seen jammed full 
of heavy holds running up and down ladders with 
some of the country's most creative route 
setters, sporting quick draws and harness en 
route to freshly bolted projects, and lugging 
laptops and textbooks around campus. This 
1000d nylon tote features a wide 3" strap that 
doesn't dig in under heavy loads, a top closure 
flap secured with hook and loop, front pouch for 
valuables, double-stitched seams for extra 
durability, and of course, colorful one-of-a-kind 
Organic accents. Revamped for 2006, the 
Artist's Tote is now fully lined and has an 
improved triple-swath hook and loop closure.

The ultimate climbing accessory; you can never have too many chalk bags. After a year of sewing up samples and testing with friends across the US we’ve settled on what we believe is the ultimate all-around chalk bag. The new Organic Chalk Bag excels in settings from pumpy Hueco roofs, when extra chalk is essential to success, to long windy Vedauwoo cracks where taped hands often snag in other bags. Rooted in durability and simplicity, we’ve positioned the draw-cord closure to the highest-possible position, ensuring maximum chalk capacity while helping secure against leaks and spills. With assorted styles from unique Organic accent colors, bold solids, and screen-printed designs, you’re sure to find a new little friend. Small or Large - your choice!

$22 - includes belt