it's what's inside that counts

We could wrap our foam in burlap 
and still believe we’d be producing 
the best pad on the market. 
Organic bouldering mats are 
designed around the foam. With 
years of bouldering experience, 
we've tried it all. This foam will 
change the way you think about 
crash pads.
NEW for 2007
All our pads now feature a new Hybrid Hinge. 
The best of both worlds, this design features 
a solid 1" layer of foam that extends across 
the entire top surface of the pad, and underlying 
foam is split with a hinge. This allows for a 
seamless landing surface, but protects your 
foam from weaking which can result from 
constant folding in a taco-style pad. It also 
keeps the folded dimensions tight and square, 
even with the stiff foam we use, so you and still 
tuck your mat neatly into your car or closet.

We've changed the pouch on the full pad to 
burly 1" hook and loop closure, eliminating
dirty zippers or bent coils. We also added 
extra grab handles to all our mats so you can 
conveniently move from problem to problem
without needing to fully close the pad.

Best of all, there are several new pads to 
choose from in the Organic line. The Big Pad
measures 4'x5' with your choice of 4" or 5"-
thickness. The Simple Pad is a no-frills option 
for those who want the highest quality 
materials but don't need a pouch on their mat.

With a 36”x48” landing surface, the Full Pad offers a full 4 inches of high-quality cush' 
for your bouldering enjoyment (1" hard foam and 3" soft foam). A 24"x15" pocket 
flap securely carries your gear and keeps what you stuff in the pad from sliding out. 
Hybrid Hinge provides an even landing surface and prevents premature foam wear. 
Three easy grab carry handles, including one on the outside of pad hinge, facilitates 
quick moves between problems. Durable padded shoulder straps are removable and 
can be threaded through your choice of two slots. This feature enables a better fit for 
climbers of different heights and an option for fitting the pad low when you're trudging 
through dense brush. The Full Pad closes securely via heafty 2” hook and loop straps. 
The Organic Half Pad slips neatly underneath the flap of the Full Pad enabling easy 
transport. Top panels sewn in unique color combinations so your pad reflects your personality.
$185 (optional hip belt - add $10)
A streamlined version of the Full 
Pad, the Simple Pad as an option for 
boulderers who want the highest 
quality foam, but don't need a pouch. 
36" x 48" x 4" open dimensions, 
Hybrid Hinge, adjustable shoulder 
straps, three convenient grab handles, 
and your favorite colors.  
This beefcake offers ~ 4' x 5' (46" x 59") of surface area and your choice of 4" or 5" 
of the best foam in the industry. Like the Simple Pad, the Big Pad closes securely 
with 2" hook and loop closures. Additionally, well-balanced shoulder straps are 
augmented with a hip belt to help get you out to your project swiftly and comfortably. 
Three carrying handles let you tug the pad around between problems without having 
to pack it up. Hybrid hinge keeps your foam like new and gives you a smooth target. 
Express yourself with a multi-colored top.

4" Big Pad, introductory price $299
5" Big Pad, introductory price $315
This clean and simple mat measures 
24”x36”x3” features 3 balanced carrying 
handles for easy transport. A great 
stand-alone option for circuiting sessions, 
the Half Pad can also be carried under the 
flap of our Full Pad when you need a little 
extra ground coverage. This pad has also 
become a favorite option for adding extra 
support in the landing zone. Your choice of 

$80; $65 with purchase of Full Pad 
(extender straps included)
Perfect for a quick bouldering 
fix at your local crag or when 
your away on a business trip 
or visiting family, the Briefcase 
Pad offers ninja speed and 
easy travel. Same dimensions 
as our Half Pad when opened 
(24"x36"x3"), the Briefcase 
folds in via Hybrid Hinge to 
24"x18"x6" and has 2" hook 
and loop closures and small 
carrying handles. Multi-colored 
Organic-style top panel.
$95; $80 with purchase of Full 
Pad (extender straps included);